Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brian's Surprise Dance for Emily!

This is a clip from a wedding we filmed this past weekend at Club Continental in Orange Park, FL.  Brian surprised Emily with this amazing performance choreographed to Justin Beiber's "Baby."

Have a great Wednesday!

We hope you enjoy!

Jason + Avery


  1. Hi! I caught "Brian's Surprise Dance for Emily" on Facebook when a friend of mine from Los Angeles posted it! (I live outside Philadelphia, PA) I absolutely LOVE it and so happy that it was posted on YouTube so that we all could enjoy it. Kudos to Brian and his friends for choreographing such a great lip synced dance, and kudos to you for filming it!

  2. WOW!! It's over 3 MILLION HITS!! KUDOS!!
    Still lovin' it!

  3. I love watching this video, it's honestly my favorite clip. So hilarious and you can truly see the love.

  4. We are a young married couple Ivo(Macedonia)Rocio(Peru) we found this video on msn,actually my wife found it and ahh we cant find words for this what the guys made most of all dance of Brian,REALLY THIS DANCE YOU CANT FIND IT ON ANY MOVIE IN HOLLYWOOD NO WAY ,WE LIKE IT A LOT A LOT ..!!CANT STOP WATCHING :).God Blesses for Emily & Brian ,their marriage to be eternal ,keep working on that :):)

    Este video es REALMENTE GENIAL!!!, una gran sorpresa para Emily!! No se cuantas veces lo hemos visto y otra vez nos causa gracia es realmente FENOMENAL!!, felicidades para la nueva pareja. :):).